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  1. Very few films truly have impact. American Sniper is having a frickin' IMPACT. Crazy. Rightly or wrongly.

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    2. benskelly2


      Seeing it tonight because that's what a friend wants to see. I hope to judge it as just a movie, not a political Rorshach test.

    3. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      The success of American Sniper will make it easier for everyone to sell more serious fare. And not just AS - Fury, Unbroken, The Imitation Game... there's an appetite out there for stories about heroes, all sorts of heroes, who don't necessarily have superpowers.

    4. benskelly2


      Hope that's true, Scott. Certainly seems to be a trend of old-style "adult" films now that gives me hope. As for AS, it's not perfect, not even a great film, but it's pretty well made (fake baby aside). The combat scenes are very effective and Cooper & Miller do excellent work. And if I have mixed feelings...well, films SHOULD start arguments and debates.

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