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  1. Can anyone grab Bitter Script Reader's script? Love to see it.

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    2. CliveBarks


      Thanks, Rob. I wasn't sure how it worked. But seriously, would a true industry pro take the time to read and rate a script, not any of the pros I know. We barely find the time to get together for our weekend flag football games anymore.

    3. Jaco


      No problem. Interesting question. Because of the anonymity of the Pros on the BL site, there's no way to "weigh" the score given. Meaning - score could have been given by a writer who's been given access to the BL site, could be an intern who has her boss's ID and password to the site, or could be a heavy weight agent/manager/producer.

    4. CliveBarks


      Thanks, Rob. That provides a better understanding.

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