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  1. Got a head ache from watching elysium. i was hoping the dreadful paul greengrass style of shooting action scenes died off... one of many many things wrong with elysium

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    2. sbbn


      I like reading other members comments on movies because it gives me a better sense of whether I would like the movie than other reviews. The comments about the flashbacks are interesting to hear. I think flashbacks are like voiceovers - if done right they can be incredibly effective but if they are done poorly or lazily they are at best annoying, at worst distracting and disruptive.

    3. axalon


      Every flashback pretty much felt like "hey, these two had a relationship in case you forgot"

    4. sbbn


      Sounds like a great use of flashbacks. Reminds me that flashbacks often have that "and now we are going to walk you through what you should feel" effect.

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