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  1. Hey kiddies... here's a link to a site with 2012 Award stuff if'n you're interested. :)

  2. Damn nice having Mike De Luca back!

    1. cardney


      Agreed! Saw it pop up in my newsfeed and it made my day.

  3. Hi folks... may I ask that for now on whenever you post a script in the File Exchange, even/and especially if it's an ISO fill, that you add a logline just like K. Ryans (and pretty much everyone else) does. It would be greatly appreciated, because I'm getting tired of downloading the script(s) only to find out it's a piece of crap unworthy of even using at the bottom of a bird cage. Like I said, I would greatly appreciate it (and I'm sure a lot of others too). Thank you. :)

    1. Galleria.Pictures


      I judge movies by their titles. Much quicker.

    2. dietgreentea


      Then I assume COCKSUCKERS will be downloaded immediately upon upload when it goes out.

    3. Galleria.Pictures


      That's my kind of movie actually.

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  4. I know this has been said umpteen million times, but... Kristen Ryans is the end all be all here at TB. MVP, baby, yeah! Thank you Kristen, for everything, always. :)

    1. reecejones


      My marriage proposal still stands

    2. Elliott79


      If only she could read them all for me too.

  5. I don't know about any of you, but THIS looks incredible. Definitely a MUST WATCH. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/13/awake-first-7-minutes_n_1274043.html?1329173922

    1. TheTypeBMBA


      The script for the pilot was incredible. I highly recommend giving this a watch when it debuts.

    2. treyselman


      @killen8 is a force in the making. Kid's on a roll. His voice will be one that people replicate in the next decade.

    3. elevenbulls


      Never been so emotionally invested in a TV pilot script.

  6. So a friend of mine received the Midnight in Paris script (Foreign Press member), and after much begging by me (relentlessly so) realized Sony Classics made it virtually impossible to copy/scan. Every page (front and back - yep, front AND back) had their PROPERTY OF stamped across every page. Oh well. I tried. Hope someone else has better luck than I. :)

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Thank you x100. Twas my favorite film of last year :D.

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Thanks. So random of Sony. What are they afraid of?


    3. Penelope


      Does is just say Property of Sony? Or does it have the individual's name? Because if it is just Property of Sony then they can't trace it back to that person so it would be fine to post. If it has a name then that is different.

  7. I just want to wish everyone here the happiest, merriest, safest and sanest of holidays. So, Happy Festivus to all and to all an impressive feat of strength! :)

  8. Damn shame if that's the last "On The Slate"... Mike, it's something I look forward to every week. What ever it is you're doing, or what ever is up, I'm sorry to see you go. Hopefully not though, right? Right. But thanks, man. It's been a rare and true honor to have been a reader. Here's to you Mike. :)

  9. Happy Holidays to all here at TB and to the TB staff. Here's to a new prolific and breakthrough year for all. Peace!

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