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  1. So uh, yeah. Van Halen, man. Only in L.A. :)

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    2. CliveBarks


      Hater: There is no doubt fans of any kind struggle with any combination of change in players other than the originals that drew them in in the first place. But when it comes to talent there is no comparison between the abilities of DLR and Hagar and DLR's latest attempts do nothing but confirm what everyone has known for a long time. As for Live Nation losing $8mil on the 2004 tour, unsure of your facts, but that their biggest tour to date at the time -- 50 plus cities grossing ov...

    3. craktactor


      I saw them at their absolute best... it was a rainy Wednesday night in 1974 at the Whiskey. It turned out that was the night they got signed. EVH had already mastered the hammer-ons and Dave was a showman of undeniable quality. Saw them a few more times since, but nothing topped that time.

    4. sometimeaftertwoam


      It doesn't matter how much the tour grossed. When you can only sell 50% capacity, that's half what the promoters (LiveNation) needed. If a film grosses $300 Million but cost $500 Million to make, that's bad. 6/6/2004 The Kentucky Expo Center Louisville, KY 6146 of 15023 seats sold (41%), 6/14/2004 First Niagara Center Buffalo, NY 7596 of 15573 (49%), 7/25/2004 Van Halen Chesapeake Energy Arena Oklahoma City, OK 8294 of 15744 (53%). There are countless others.

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