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  1. The writing part seems the easy part in this industry when compared to searching for bridge money and investors. There's a reason I like to be alone in a room with nothing but my coffee/Guinness, keyboard and mindspace.

    1. axalon


      Friend of mine who just got repped was telling me about one of his specs going out.


      Said that pretty much you either go the studio route where they'll most likely want to do a bunch of rewrites or you go independent and have to try to find the money yourself.


      The latter of course being more difficult if you're short on connections.


      I'm pretty ignorant on this part of movie-making, are there more options than this?

    2. craktactor


      The options are limited. This one I'm involved with is a US/Irish/UK co-production. That makes it even more "fun". But six weeks in Dublin in the summer is going to be a blast.

    3. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      No matter what you're probably doing rewrites unless you are directing and producing it yourself.

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