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  1. The lack/snub? of names and films this year is mindnumbingly confusing. I mean, The Book Thief gets one nom, original score (John Williams)? Michael B. Jordan gets nada? I guess this IS the most subjective industry.

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    2. flashsandstone


      Would have liked to see some love for Short Term 12, but knew there wouldn't be any. Only surprise to me is Christian Bale over Tom Hanks. Would have liked Spike Jonze to get a Best Director nod.

    3. ThaVillain


      LOL Ejiofor is one of my favorite actors! It's just, for me, Fassbender and Nyong'o were AMAZING in 12 Years. Kinda overshadowed him IMO. His wasn't the best performance in that film.

    4. sbbn


      I'm a bit surprised Prisoners didn't pick up anything other than cinematography.

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