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  1. And then that happened. Remember people, always, always, ALWAYS BACK-UP YOUR WORK. Computers have a tendency to die. Mine did. Writing is fun.

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    2. aphid47


      Had a scare earlier this week, immediately backed up my entire HD.

    3. axalon


      Did you lose something major? Sorry to hear this happen to you. I think we've all had this happen at some point in our lives and it's never a good feeling.

    4. craktactor


      The one thing I did lose, and am most depressed about, was a script I had just started and was going to post the first 10 here for feedback and whatnot. Now, that ain't happenin'. It is still fresh in my grey matter, so that'll help. Other than that, I only lost what i didn't back-up since January. Lessons are fun to learn. I'm going on a weekly back-up now, PLUS, I'm sending everything I write to my email for now on, on a daily basis. :)

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