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  1. Maybe it's just me, but, I think "George" is a perfect vehicle (and award possibility) for Jack Nicholson. Just a thought.

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    2. Elliott79


      I watched Cuckoo's Nest last night. What an amazing film. Why don't they make them like that any more?


      Compare it to this year's Best Picture winner.


      Leagues apart.

    3. axalon


      The bar keeps getting set lower?

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Caught Cuckoo's Nest a few weeks ago and wish I hadn't waited so long to see it again. So brilliant. Why don't they make them like that anymore? Risk aversion seems to be the persistent trend. I was joking with some friends the other night that somewhere right now there's an executive wondering aloud if the characters in The Fault in our Stars can be vampires.

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