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  1. Question: If one was writing a farcical take on the Bond franchise, what are the dangers (read: legal) one would expect? And it is purely farcical. Thanks.

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    2. sbbn


      Jaco - cool to see another atty on the board! I'm sure there are a couple others floating out there too (probably wisely hiding :) )


      Craktactor - I don't see any problem with that. Especially as a spec. I actually think you're fine on the name that you chose. Just writing a spec shouldn't get you in trouble. Muppet Man (was that what it was called?) had all sorts of issues that would make it hard for it to every be made into a movie without permission from...

    3. sbbn


      the Henson estate but the spec topped the Black List and no one is getting sued for it. So I think you're fine writing the spec. If you decide to produce it yourself then you'll probably want to vet it with an attorney but if you sent it out to production companies and it is good then at best they will take care of all the legal stuff and at worst, if the legal stuff is too problematic, you might get work off of it. I'm not seeing anything about your plan that is screaming...

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      (weird the post broke down to end with that one word...)

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