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  1. Hi folks... may I ask that for now on whenever you post a script in the File Exchange, even/and especially if it's an ISO fill, that you add a logline just like K. Ryans (and pretty much everyone else) does. It would be greatly appreciated, because I'm getting tired of downloading the script(s) only to find out it's a piece of crap unworthy of even using at the bottom of a bird cage. Like I said, I would greatly appreciate it (and I'm sure a lot of others too). Thank you. :)

    1. CookieMonster


      So you are able to ascertain whether a script is crap just by its logline? ;)

    2. sangun


      Crap = things that don't interest you. That's pretty Hollywood.

    3. craig


      Huh? One has next to nothing to do with the other.


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