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  1. Wow anyone else getting a ton more email spam lately? Feels like someone cranked open the spigot...or maybe I'm just a magnet for crap.

  2. Hey SciFi fans, did you know Omni is returning at http://omnireboot.com/? Still "coming soon" but I think it's happening this month.

  3. Well it started as a simple "clone all the stuff from the old hard drive to the new hard drive," but, like any story, it led to a second act of rising complications, culminating in a dark fit of defeat, which led to a "fuck it all/storm the castle of full-on reinstall-everything-from-scratch, complete with a false ending of "everything appears to be okay," subsequently culminating in a final act of triumph, with ensuing inevitable joy and satisfaction.

  4. TO BE TAKEI on Netflix. Oh my.

  5. I am ready for summer in the PacNW, but I have to admit I'm enjoying the crackling fire on this cool rainy night.

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