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  1. Wow, could the Page Awards winners announcement, presented in "snazzy" Flash, be any more tedious? Just give us the fucking list of winners already.

  2. Big Wes fan but have yet to see Moonrise Kingdom and struggled with the opening pages of the screenplay but -- eventually -- got sucked in and couldn't put it down.

    1. aphid47


      I may be in the minority, but I found the film to be slow and tedious and mostly a retread of characters that have appeared in his other films.

    2. Penelope


      I enjoyed it more than Darjeeling but it is not up to par with Life Aquatic (My favorite) in any way.

  3. Wow, "Brave" so disappointing. WTF Pixar? Will "Total Recall" be the next summer let-down?

    1. Nic.Lishko


      You didn't enjoy Mother Bear?

    2. Escapist


      agreed. a mess, storywise.

  4. I love it when a system update deauthorizes my screenwriting software and then, in the process of contacting tech support to reauthorize the software, the tech dude chides me for not knowing a random system update would have deauthorized my software. Uh, no, I am not going to launch your software just to deauthorize it prior to every system update, nor is it my responsibility to do so.

    1. sbbn


      What screenwriting software and what OS? Just to prepare myself for things to come...

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      @sbbn: Movie Outline 3.1, but Final Draft and Screenwriter also have the annoying authorizations. I actually got caught in an endless loop at the Final Draft site a few months back.

    3. sbbn


      That's depressing to hear - I use Final Draft and haven't had problems yet (!) but it's never good to hear about problems like that.

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  5. Anyone know about the untitled action comedy pitch by Scott Rosenberg that just sold to Disney? Seven figures deal.

    1. mpetrusaitis


      Called Dashing Through the Snow. It's about a mobster who kidnaps a detective's kid, and Santa helps the detective get his kid back.

    2. storymaps99


      Ugh. I love Scott Rosenberg, but...ugh.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Ugh, indeed! But, oh, will Santa save Christmas? Or does the kid? No, wait -- no spoilers!


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