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  1. Given recent hacks, big security updates released today for Adobe Reader, Flash, and Windows.

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Those Sony leaked emails are addicting. I find it so interesting to read the inner workings of the upstairs, because at the end of the day, Eric Roth wrote Cleopatra and Aaron Sorkin wrote Jobs. Two writers at the top of food chain can't get their movies made, because of this upper level stuff.

    2. specwriter


      I haven't read Cleopatra, but on the surface, Scott Rudin seems dead-on in calling it a bloated vanity project that is a bomb just waiting to happen and could ruin careers. At this age, with his resume, I could see how he would want no part of it. He has nothing to prove.

    3. specwriter


      Did you read the email from the Sony Marketing Chief on the Jobs script? He was really articulate and passionate, not at all what you expect when you hear all the complaints from filmmakers about how marketing ruins films. I'm not saying I think the marketing dept. should have too much of a say in creative, but it was surprising that he actually cared about the story, not just counting beans.

  2. Fra-gee-lay.... That must be Italian!

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Ahhhh, it's Xmas time...

    2. admin
    3. 36monsters


      You'll shoot your eye out!


  3. I would like to recall the time I just spent watching the "Total Recall" remake.

    1. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      yes, it was painful.

    2. sbbn


      Agreed. I thought that "dream" that movie started off with was some kind of joke "I won't leave you, I will find you" or whatever-the-fuck. I just remember it was cheesy as hell and thought this can't be for real. But it was... and it set the tone for how stupid the rest of the movie was going to be.

  4. Analyzed MY FELLOW AMERICANS last night regarding a project I'm developing and, though the humor's a bit dated at times it's a tight, solid comedy.

    1. Frobisher


      "The 'voice of the people'? There is no such thing. You got 240 million voices

      all yelling for something different."

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      @Frobisher: Precisely! Great sparse political commentary seamlessly woven into the story and classic McKee "dialogue as a weapon."

  5. A good guide to what's in the public domain: http://copyright.cornell.edu/resources/docs/copyrightterm.pdf

    1. Raffles


      Always curious about what's considered copyright. Thank you!

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Yeah, "guide" is the freight word.

  6. Gang, mind the CryptoLocker virus what with all of the file exchanges you're probably doing. It's nasty. Additional geeky details: http://windowssecrets.com/top-story/cryptolocker-a-particularly-pernicious-virus/

    1. aphid47


      Just another great reason to be a mac person.

    2. axalon


      Thanks for the heads up George

  7. And for today's incongruity: A 15-mile cycling trek results in craving for a good cigar.

    1. nmoher


      Romeo y Julieta no 2 is my go to.

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Ah yes, big fan. Also enjoying many flavors of El Rey Del Mundo.

  8. Wow, "Brave" so disappointing. WTF Pixar? Will "Total Recall" be the next summer let-down?

    1. Nic.Lishko


      You didn't enjoy Mother Bear?

    2. Escapist


      agreed. a mess, storywise.

  9. I like to think of myself as bi-coastal, but I gotta say there's something good deep down about adjusting the computer clock to Eastern time.

    1. cole.akins


      NY? DC? The Caribbean?

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Was just in DC. Pittsburgh now.

  10. Developing a 5- to 6-minute short that I'll be filming in early June -- something I plan to enter into Sundance and others -- so I'm aiming for high production quality of course. But what are the expectations these days for shorts that get accepted into top festivals?

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Are you on reddit?

      The guy who won the jury prize for his short is on there and he answers questions like this:

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Hey, thanks, I'll check it out!

  11. Kudos to the whoismrrobot.com marketing team. Well done, thus far.

    1. sbbn


      Lost interest and left the site because it was took too long to fake "load." I don't have that kind of patience.

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Ah, I think it was the fake load that appealed to my inner geek. I'm interested to see how it plays out.

  12. Big Wes fan but have yet to see Moonrise Kingdom and struggled with the opening pages of the screenplay but -- eventually -- got sucked in and couldn't put it down.

    1. aphid47


      I may be in the minority, but I found the film to be slow and tedious and mostly a retread of characters that have appeared in his other films.

    2. Penelope


      I enjoyed it more than Darjeeling but it is not up to par with Life Aquatic (My favorite) in any way.

    1. benskelly2


      As he should be and he was essentially. This was just about greed on the part of ACD's estate and trying to shut the barn door after the horses got out. And considering how awful their "official" Holmes novel was last year, it's just as well.

  13. Hey if you are looking for more fantasy football action, PM me. Got some vacancies in an NFL.com league, drafting Tues Sep 2 at 7p PDT.

    1. timorawe


      Fantasy Football hardcore here. What site do you play on?

  14. Oh yes: Mythbusters test booby trap machine gun from Breaking Bad finale

    1. Mysterian


      Cool. Thanks for posting that.

  15. Wow anyone else getting a ton more email spam lately? Feels like someone cranked open the spigot...or maybe I'm just a magnet for crap.

  16. Hey who will be in Austin? I'll be there and signed up to pitch.

  17. Hey SciFi fans, did you know Omni is returning at http://omnireboot.com/? Still "coming soon" but I think it's happening this month.

  18. Wow, could the Page Awards winners announcement, presented in "snazzy" Flash, be any more tedious? Just give us the fucking list of winners already.

  19. TO BE TAKEI on Netflix. Oh my.

  20. Nice to see Portlandia back on track.

  21. I am ready for summer in the PacNW, but I have to admit I'm enjoying the crackling fire on this cool rainy night.

  22. As if to taunt, the Waze app alerts me if I left the office now, at 2p, I'd be home in just 20 minutes, compared to the typical 90+ during rush hour.

  23. Getting some good laughs watching "Younger."

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