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  1. Increasingly frustrated with BlueHost. Webhosting recommendations, anyone?

    1. RobertCornero


      Siteground is awesome, and relatively inexpensive.


      If you really know what you are doing, nothing beats NearlyFreeSpeech.net

    2. RobertCornero


      And just to reiterate a word of caution: Like, really, really know what you're doing. Like, You can use remote Linux terminals and chmod stuff.


      If you don't know what I mean by that last sentence, please, stay far away from them. I think it costs me something like 30 cents a month to run my personal blog on their servers, but it was an absolute nightmare to get up and running.

    3. RobertCornero


      I'll post a Siteground affiliate link here if/when I'm accepted into their affiliate program. I run my business with them, and they're staggeringly good. Customer support is outstanding there.

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