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  1. Oh man, MR. ROBOT officially has jumped the shark. Increasingly uneven and increasingly disappointing.

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    2. DeadPool


      I can't honestly call a show original and innovative when it's basically a ripoff of the central plan and twists of FIGHT CLUB. I'd say Sam Esmail has MAJOR BALLS for music queuing WHERE IS MY MIND in the final minutes of Episode 9. That was like a giant f**k you to the audience. If the season finale or season 2 doesn't live up to those first nine episodes, the BACKLASH will destroy that show.

    3. adlocke


      ya hear that mr. robot. when you not special anymore, nobody watchy you. you'll be yesterday's news.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      I wouldn't rank this anywhere near Breaking Bad. And the whole "Luke I'm your father"/"Ewww I'm your sister"/figment of his imagination stuff is not original/groundbreaking. Again, loved the concept, weakening execution.

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