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  1. Given recent hacks, big security updates released today for Adobe Reader, Flash, and Windows.

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Those Sony leaked emails are addicting. I find it so interesting to read the inner workings of the upstairs, because at the end of the day, Eric Roth wrote Cleopatra and Aaron Sorkin wrote Jobs. Two writers at the top of food chain can't get their movies made, because of this upper level stuff.

    2. specwriter


      I haven't read Cleopatra, but on the surface, Scott Rudin seems dead-on in calling it a bloated vanity project that is a bomb just waiting to happen and could ruin careers. At this age, with his resume, I could see how he would want no part of it. He has nothing to prove.

    3. specwriter


      Did you read the email from the Sony Marketing Chief on the Jobs script? He was really articulate and passionate, not at all what you expect when you hear all the complaints from filmmakers about how marketing ruins films. I'm not saying I think the marketing dept. should have too much of a say in creative, but it was surprising that he actually cared about the story, not just counting beans.

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