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  1. Hmm, ENDER'S GAME felt more like watching a video game, which are more fun to play than watch.

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    2. Zoned


      Not attacking you, just curious about your comment. If you didn't like "Ender's Game"; you didn't like it. But, it was as much like a video game as any other speculative genre-driven movie. Have a good 1, George.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      No worries. For me it's a problem when the protag is physically detached from the action. There's no mano a mano and that makes for a boring action scene.

    4. Zoned


      Valid points. It didn't give a catharsis that matched up with the earlier set-ups that hinted at a potentially strong, physical, climax. This would allow an audience to examine Ender's approach played out in "real" battle against a traditional warrior's approach. So, in that light, I can see how it would be a letdown; and from that standpoint, the mind-link resolution with the Philip K. Dick. wounded "Wub" creature would feel sublime. I liked it as a guilty ple...

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