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  1. Breaking Bad. The "wow" just keeps on coming.

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    2. dsjones


      And yet, opinions can definitely be wrong - and in this case, I believe you are. My point is this, a detective who devotes a year of his life to hunting a meth manufacturer and almost winds up paralyzed was never going to be satisfied with just IDing the guy. That was never, ever going to be an option because it goes against the very nature of police work: you make arrests to bring bad guys down.

    3. dsjones


      A wife who spends months watching her husband heal, emotionally and physically, will bear resentment to the cause of those injuries. Discovering your sister in law knew who was ultimately responsible and provided you with the money for PT out of guilt instead of pure charity? Anything less than a "take 'em down" attitude would not suffice. If you really believe what you're saying and aren't simply taking up a contrarian opinion, I'm horrified.

    4. ddollar


      Nah, opinions are still opinions when it comes to issues of psychology. But mine is that most of you are exaggerating and trying to stack thin arguments on top of each other to make them seem stronger as a whole, because you are extremely passionate about the show and are having a hard time being objective. I know the feeling, I get this way about Mad Men when my dad calls it a soap opera. But again, we can just agree to disagree. We all should be writing anyways!

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