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  1. SMASH CUT TO.... a lame transition. WTF? A cut is a cut. Who started this "smash cut" nonsense? Curmudgeonly annoyed.

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    2. nazardo


      It likely comes down to a matter of personal taste but IMO if used sparingly all things polarizing (cuts, grammar/spelling, camera directions, asides, etc) should not pull a reader out of the story. If they do the story simply isn’t working for that reader. NOTHING pulls me out of a great story.

    3. ThaVillain


      Gotta agree, nazardo. All this "pulled me out of the story" stuff just means you didn't like the story. If you're reading Chinatown and see a "smash cut" or a misspelling and are "pulled out of the story" I'd be inclined to think one of your elementary school teachers didn't do their job.

    4. nazardo


      I will add one caveat: the first 10 pages. I can totally understand this stuff impeding someone from getting into the story in the first place, especially if they have read 1000+ scripts and have an itchy trigger finger.

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