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  1. Congrats to my good friend, Mark Lawyer on his new management company. Without Mark, PADRE might still be available.

  2. Franco's CHILD OF GOD looks like a fuckin' comedy. Cormac must be a might displeased.

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    2. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      thx a bunch mike you fuck

    3. Mike


      Then stay away from the book, cos that trailer doesn't capture one level of the 10 levels of fuckupedness in McCarthy's book.

    4. Penelope


      Had a friend that worked on it and said it was a total mess... that was oh... 2 years ago now..

  3. Listed on front page as a sale...Centers on a group of celebrated NASCAR drivers who use their unique expertise to aid a Nazi resistance team. Only problem is, NASCAR didn't exist until 1948. Unless this is another time loop concept.

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    2. admin


      Rob B for the win!

    3. Frobisher


      I don't think it will be a time loop concept. I think it will be a "It's just a movie! It doesn't have to make sense!" concept. I don't like those.

    4. PJMAC


      Who cares about the truth?NASCAR drivers and Nazis!!


  4. If you are an aspiring screenwriter who wants desperately to tell the stories that pop in your head at all hours of the day, the FUCKING IGNORE all this nonsense, about what is a sale and what isn't. Jesus. The people talking about this the most, won't be around in two years. Get a bottle. Stand in a lightning storm and pray you capture it. Or just write great stuff. You do the math.

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      I agree with PJ and yeah I don't think his article is a bad thing. Just thought my current situation. I never got into it for the money, but the money would help me stay out here. Only time will tell.

    3. sankofa


      I freely admit I never got into this for the money. I just enjoy writing and always have, even when I denied myself this simple truth for years...this is what I'm meant to be doing and I am. Yea, if the money comes, it comes. I'm still going to be writing.

    4. craig


      Mike is totally right. Don't chase your tail. It gets you nowhere. Aim to be relevant and original and then maybe...

  5. When they say they're announcing on Monday it clearly means…well, I don't know actually.

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    2. PJMAC
    3. opie100


      Did you send it out to Gérard Depardieu yet? And JLaw?

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Rock on with your bad self, Mike!

  6. DAVID VS. GOLIATH, storyline kept under wraps. Seriously? Is that an April Fools joke?

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    2. chandolaswinter
    3. ThaVillain


      I heard it's an "elevated" biblical action adventure story...

    4. Mysterian


      Arnie and DeVito where great for Twins, but I think this should be Peter Dinklage vs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

  7. Front page. Four fantastic actors up for Fantastic Four villain. Are you fucking kidding me? We get this shit all the time. Is there really a cadre of peeps out there, just waiting for this news to cross the transom before they put the gun down and step back in the window?

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    2. Mike


      Yeah, remember when everyone in Hollywood was talking about Paul Rudd in ANTMAN? Yeah, I don't either.

    3. aphid47


      I couldn't be less enthused for whatever the fuck an antman is.

    4. twofingeredtypist


      I must have a bit of Panamanian in me (even though I don't get the joke), because I like some of the comic flicks, but can't get excited over FF -- with Doctor Doom AGAIN?

  8. I posted a book I just finished a rewrite on in WIP. Details are there. Would love some opinions before making any moves.

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    2. npquinn


      Has it got pictures? ;)

    3. Jaco


      Started in on it - good opening sequence - hope this work gets the #heatmeter going for it again! Good luck!

    4. Elliott79


      Good fun and very cinematic so far.

  9. Go buy a Daniel Suarez techno-thriller right now. I mean, if you wanna blow your mind. No one alive does it better.

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    2. Jaco


      Reading what his books are about reminds me a lot of this short i watched yesterday - if you are into techno thrillers, you might dig it: http://vimeo.com/82527075

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Thanks for the tip. Started reading Cyberstorm but it didn't hold my interest.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Half-way through DAEMON and digging it. Thanks!


  10. Fellow TB'ers Dominic Morgan and Matt Harvey who recently sold HYPERARIC and are soon to sell THE CONTROLLER are in town and I had the pleasure of their company last night in Venice. Couple great guys and very talented writers.

  11. Helluva good action thriller spec in the Works In Progress. THE CONTROLLER. What a ride, man.

    1. Pompalompa


      35 pages in and i'm loving it


    2. Mike


      By the same guys who just sold HYPERBARIC to Voltage. I'm tellin' you folks, read these guys. They got the goods.

  12. AMBER ALERT: Where the hell is Dan Dollar? Last seen coercing undocumented workers outside Home Depot in hopes of finding someone to help him move his junk into his new hovel.

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    2. CastorTroy16


      A tiger ate him

    3. sangun


      Oh no, I was the one who sent him to the Depot.

    4. ddollar


      Whew, okay I'm back! That was a really long shower.

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