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  1. Any idea why Columbia is holding so many advanced screenings for THIS IS THE END? I was just invited to the third one in as many months.

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    2. Penelope


      Kind of doubtful since all of the big movie blogs that have seen it already are giving it rave reviews. Columbia could stop now and use all the great reviews for quotes on posters/trailers. I've read numerous blog reviews already that say, "Funniest movie of the year." It's like they are hoping for a quote on a poster.

    3. Frobisher


      So Columbia is like, "This movie is so F'n amazing that we don't even need to do any P&A, we'll just let our awesome product speak for itself through advanced screenings." Is that what they're thinking?

    4. nazardo


      I thought the script was fun and don't see how this won't be a big hit.

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