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  1. Anybody got any party options for Palm Spring Film Fest Next week?

  2. Kind of Surprised the $1 Million David Ayer WWII Spec Script 'Fury' is still M.I.A.

    1. sangun


      Was it really a spec and go out? I had assumed it was Lesher finding money at QED.

    2. Roark


      I was under the impression QED paid the best price for it, implying others were able to bid on it as well. These million dollar scripts tend to turn up is all.

  3. PILOT SEASON!! Woo hooo!

    1. 36monsters


      Now if only they will hire us too!

  4. Wasn't terribly enamored with Runner, Runner. Fairly hollow and superficial.

    1. mebishop2001


      I love online poker, so I kind of dug it. Plus the ending was pretty cool and did surprise me. But agreed, parts of it felt like chunks of other movies, like WALL STREET and any undercover cop movie.

    2. jdef75


      Koppelman has some serious juice as a writer. But all the writing juice in the world ain't gonna make Wall Street 5 pop and sizzle.

  5. Anybody else read Wheeler Dealer? Can't upload my watermarked copy.

    1. Penelope
    2. AlexGorelik
    3. Roark


      Just wanted to know if anyone else hated it as much as I did. So superficial and shallow, no surprise Ratner is attached.

  6. The Raid delivers!

  7. The Raid delivers!

  8. Wolf of Wall Street, Black List '07, guess it's finally time to read it.

    1. mebishop2001


      I read it. Good flick. A cautionary tale of greed, excess, and knowing who your friends are.

  9. Also had to read revised LAYOVER with Hoeber brothers revisions and Run All Night for a director. #smh

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mebishop2001


      Which LAYOVER? The one by Zach Dean or the one about the kidnapping ring at the airport hotel?

    3. sbbn


      Good question - I was assuming it was the Zach Dean one (which didn't do much for me as written in the original draft).

    4. Roark


      Zach Dean, didn't read the OG draft. Straightfoward action movie, decent gunplay. CBS Films material.

  10. Maybe late to the party but really enjoyed Blood Mountain. Stokes is such an elegant writer.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. mebishop2001
    3. Roark


      regardless of the plot interpretation, it's still elegant writing.

    4. Roark


      regardless of the plot interpretation, it's still elegant writing.

  11. Anyone have a SXSW party grid?!

    1. treyselman


      Pretty solid list here: http://www.eventbrite.com/sxsw but these guys probably have the whole thing: [email protected]

    2. treyselman


      and here they are. It's $5 this year. But that's worth it if you ask me... http://www.sxshhh.com/

    3. Roark


      Thank you good sir.

  12. Would love any info on tribeca as it comes out, PR people, events and the like.

    I found your festival coverage in Sundance very helpful and would appreciate it if you could round up any details and post them.



  13. Is this DJ No Hands sheridan?

  14. welcome to the boards.

  15. RDJ in PTA's Inherent Vice would be perfect.

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