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  1. Free logline idea - THE SLIP-UP - A career criminal who fakes workers comp slip-and-fall injuries finds himself at the mercy of his new apartment complex neighbor, a 12-year-old kid who catches him faking and starts blackmailing him to keep quiet.

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    2. PJMAC
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      What Rob B. said. Never handled worker's comp myself but I have friends who do and I was amazed at how frequently surveillance comes into play. Generally isn't that way in other areas of the law.

    4. agkinowerken


      This could have been the perfect vehicle for the two Colemans -- Gary and Dabney -- back in 1985. The poster practically draws itself. Little Gary in the b.g., arms folded, doing his "whatchatalkingabout" business. Dabney in shades and a Miami Vice suit taking a pratfall down some stairs. Maybe Rebecca De Mornay to the side, giving a withering yet sexy frown.

      Years later, Tarantino would cite it as the definitive film of his youth.


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