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  1. BBC's Sherlock continues to amaze. Anyone else watching?

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    2. axalon


      ds - of course, I didn't mean to imply that we should eradicate 13-24 episode seasons. A show like Lost for example does really well over 24 episodes per season, probably due to having such a large cast.

    3. Foz90


      I'm on the fence about series 3 so far but if you see it as a show about two guys and their relationship who happen to occasionally solve crimes rather than a crime show, I think the episodes fare better.


      My original opinion of episode 1 was that it lacked focus and was a bit too self-referential. My criticisms for the second was it went for comedy and (personally) I didn't find it that funny. I also didn't really care for the mystery part of that episode (it was good b...

    4. Foz90


      ...ut without spoiling it, it all seemed a bit rushed).


      I'm still enjoying the show but this is my least favourite series so far.

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