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  1. Having just sat through Elysium, I hereby proclaim the shaky camera genre dead to me.

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    2. Pompalompa


      o is that who they were?! so confused... I needed like three more flashbacks


    3. dsjones


      Axalon: it was the kinda heavy handed story I wrote in Screenwriting 101 in college. It was cringeworthy to see on screen. Two editors and they weren't able to figure out that it was cancer to the story? Just start with them as children, get all that out of the way at the start, then jump to how it all went wrong - then one really quick flashback montage (of everything we've seen right as "destiny" is achieved). He was struggling with this story and getting all the pieces and...

    4. axalon


      Jones, I'm constantly amazed that these extremely expensive movies can't seem to figure out the little things like what you mentioned. I mean nobody said *anything* to Blomkamp?

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