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  1. When are the launch pad feature comp dates for 2018 going to be released?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zoned


      Awesome, Red. Thanks for the update. Have a good weekend.

    3. JessicaMayo


      Thank you guys!

    4. Zoned


      Will it be sometime in August, Red?

  2. I'm getting ready to dive into an ensemble comedy script. What is your favorite ensemble comedy script?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mebishop2001


      I think Broadcast News sucks but love As Good As It Gets from James L. Brooks.

    3. JessicaMayo


      Thanks you guys!

    4. mebishop2001


      LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE is pretty great

  3. Looking for a good comedy feature to read. Any recs?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. rwe15


      Iron Jack and Move That Body.

    3. sivartalappes


      I liked the script for THE WAY WAY BACK a lot.

    4. LAscribe88


      Going The Distance is one of my all time favorite rom/coms, very heartfelt but also very funny

  4. I haven't been on TB in a while. What should I read?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. admin


      There may be a list dropping this afternoon that can help you there :-)

    3. markerstone
    4. JessicaMayo


      TBRed- I have great timing.


      Markerstone - I'll check out.

  5. Looking for a new comedy script to read. Any suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jarrean


      Oh, check out Mean Moms, too. It's cliche kinda but still a quick read.

    3. GlitterKitty


      Is it just me, or is comedy in a real dry spell right now?

    4. JessicaMayo


      Yeah, I'm not finding many new comedy scripts.

  6. Those of you who have a writing partner, what methods do you typically use? For example, do you write together in the same room?

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    2. Escapist


      When I've worked with a partner, we would brainstorm the outline together, then divide the script into chunks to write. Then we would swap pages. Finally, once we had a (usually immense) draft we would sit together and edit/rewrite.

    3. RobertCornero


      I killed my writing partner and ate his heart, thus consuming his literary powers. Now I have the skill of two writers. It's much more efficient that way.

    4. JessicaMayo


      Thanks for your comments. Robert...that made me LOL.

  7. Do any of you writers use outlining software, or do you typically just stick with Word?

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    2. RobertCornero


      I use Evernote for the barest of skeleton outlines.

    3. JessicaMayo


      Thanks all. Looks like a lot of you like Scrivener. I'm def going to check it out. Happy writing!

    4. Ashish


      I'd recommend Trello if you like using cards. Really easy to move stuff around and add metadata. Doesn't hurt that there's a phone app as well.

  8. Finished the latest draft of my spec. It's out to a few management companies who enjoyed my first spec. Fingers crossed!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. JessicaMayo


      Thanks guys!

    3. Astral-American


      Always an exciting time. Good luck.

    4. Jaco


      Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

  9. Another great coverage service: Red Pen Script Consulting.http://www.redpenscriptconsulting.com/

  10. We got a "Consider" on our TB Coverage for the first draft of our psychological thriller. Great notes to apply to the rewrite.

  11. Need a V-Day card? Check out our Etsy Shop. One of our cards got picked up by Papyrus. www.Etsy.com/shop/ForTheLoveOfWords

  12. Any suggestions on how to get more views on The Black List? I'm assuming doing the paid evals help...thanks guys.

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      Is it set for only Industry to read or for other Writers? If the latter, post the link here and I'll give it a download and read.

    2. JessicaMayo
    3. agkinowerken


      A score of 8 or higher gets it listed in the weekly industry email. Mine had zero views until that happened; afterwards, many downloads. The paid eval is critical.

  13. When are they announcing the Launchpad Comp semi-finalists?

    1. Nic8767


      I was wondering the same thing.


    2. RobertCornero


      Give them a little time. It's got to be a serious task organizing that many judges, each with their own busy careers - and this year they allowed writers to purchase coverage, too, so I'm sure that adds to the workload, on top of growing the contest.


      They were a little behind last year, as well, but they put out the results as quickly as they could.

    3. JessicaMayo


      @RobertCornero Totally, I was just curious.


  14. What's the membership code for the Launch Pad comp?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. craktactor


      Actually, it's 8675309.

    3. agkinowerken


      And then 'star' key at which point Peter Mayhew will read the following pronouncement: TB Members Get $25.00 Every Purchase!

      Stay on the lookout for Member Coupon Codes releasing today to your inbox that will allow you to get an additional $25.00 OFF each of your service products! NOTE: Memberships, LP Contest Entries and Script Resubmissions do not apply.

    4. aphid47


      Damn crack, I got my numbers mixed!

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