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  1. In case anyone should ever lose a script they are working on due to not backing up or the file getting corrupted, there's a gem of a software called Recuva that can help you recover it. Came in handy for me today. Had struggled for 8 hours trying to recover the script until I stumbled on Recuva. So relieved. I was damn near tears, what with the lack of proper support from the good folks at Final Draft.

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    2. axalon


      Dropbox is a lifesaver.

    3. monikut


      Sbbn, it addresses the corruption problem in the sense that it recovers the last saved copy of the document before it got corrupted. You may yet lose a few lines or scenes at most, but it's better than losing everything especially if you are at the rewriting stage when you have made some considerable changes to the original script. Of course, nothing beats good old-fashioned back up.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Dropbox, indeed, or related cloud drive. Lots of free space available.

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