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  1. Hey guys. Im wondering what are some good new pilots to read. Read REM last year and loved it but have been reading features since. Any suggestions?

    1. storymaps99


      Is L.A. Noire based on the video game?

    2. zkendall


      thanks McGeek

  2. Anxious to read the "Person of Interest" Pilot. Just need to get my hands on it.

    1. Bodhi1701
    2. nathanrrr


      I want to do but I doubt I ever will. JJ watermarks his things like crazy and only paper copies are on un-copyable red paper.

  3. I know I'm WAY late to the party but "Story of your Life." Um holy shit....

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      I know. I never expected to like a One Direction song either.

    2. mebishop2001


      Too funny. I actually heard that song in my head while reading it. Surprisingly, it works in parts.

  4. Im sure everyone is wanting to put their two sense in about this but to me, I don't exactly see the benefit in bringing writers down to so called "reality". We're dreamers. We dream things up every day. And the ones making a living at it are the ones who are too busy writing to worry about whether they will be successful or whether an option is a sale or free.

    1. Nic.Lishko


      *cents. Sorry.

      And I agree with what you're saying. Dream on and write on!

    2. zkendall


      haha. figures I would screw up the spelling late at night

  5. top reads so far out of the 2016 Pilots thread in file exchange???

    1. rywold


      Enjoyed Ozark, probably my top so far.

    2. adlocke


      ummm.. bunker hill is challenging, which is a certain kind of top for building fortitude with influence.

  6. I have a question for the moderators. But i guess it could go to anyone who knows. Is there a big difference between submitting to the launchpad pilots and submitting to the year round coverage that automatically gets you a chance at getting your script around town?

    1. admin


      Hey Zack, while us mods over here have nothing to do with the competition, I asked the TB guys for some clarification. Essentially, the year round coverage is kind of like it's own contest, but is ultimately beholden to the 1-2 individual readers responses, whereas in the competition, every script is read a minimum of two times by readers before being turned around to the management team and judges who read the top picks (between 100-150) to get the number down to their ultimate winners....

    2. zkendall


      Thanks red. Just was curious.

  7. Is the LaunchPad Pilot Competition happening later then it did last year???

    1. admin


      The pilot competition will start in the Spring of 2015.

    2. zkendall
  8. Dallas Buyers Club worth the price of admission??

    1. dsjones


      It was a very well done film.

  9. Anyone have recommendations on good action thrillers to read?

    1. NoahTG


      MOTOR CITY by Chad St. John. Zero dialogue. Literally, zero dialogue.

  10. inside out was something special....

    1. Jarrean


      Just saw it. Thought it was okay.

  11. Fault in our stars! Damn! Anything else as good as that that I should read???

    1. craktactor


      Not AS good, but pretty damn good (and different genre) is GODLESS.

  12. The spec script "Smoke". Do you need to buy his life rights for writing a true story like that?

    1. Coz


      No. You need to do your own research, however.

  13. Anyone able to get their hands on "Son of a Bitch" yet? Her twitter has some great humor. Curious to see if it translates on to the screen.

    1. sbbn


      +1 - love to see the screenplay.

  14. David Shore and Vince Gilligan collaboration? Yes please.

  15. hey roark. Thanks for the six feet under scripts. however you uploaded the sit down shut up pilot not the six feet under pilot.

  16. can tb recommends happen on story notes, or just the full coverage option?

  17. i really want to read extant!

  18. The Memory Sphere sounds interesting. Would like to talk you Kevin Sluder. Message Me

  19. Damn, one of my favorite guilty pleaures is in peril now. Fast and Furious looses one of the two people that actually matter to the franchise. R.I.P. Paul Walker.

  20. Just read "Maggie." liked it.

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