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  1. I know you hated it Jiblings. Characters were thin and it was riddled with cliches and plot holes, but even then, movie theaters were made for Jurassic World. True Blockbuster. Took me back to the 90s.

    1. aphid47


      I feel like in the 90's the stories were at least there. Terminator 2 had great FX, but also a decent story. This is why I don't go see these kinds of movies anymore. No heart.

    2. axalon


      This is pretty great argument as to why we should demand better movies than Jurassic World http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2015/06/25/movies-should-be-good

    3. Frobisher


      @Axalon That article made my day better. Thank you for sharing it.

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