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  1. Any recommendations on a books or website that helps with the modern day blueprint of screenplays. I used to write comedies, but have transitioned to TV Dramas. However I have a drama Idea for a feature and would like to get reacquainted with screenplay structure as it looks today.

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    2. sbbn


      In my little world, I tend to believe books about structure are great if you're writing a grad paper but not so great for anything else. Beginning, middle, end. Everything else is that slog of a journey you have to figure out yourself and the best light is finding what you enjoyed (movies/books) and then struggling to figure out what it was that worked so well for *you.* Of course, there is a million-dollar industry that disagrees with me so I'll leave it to the masses to tear my w...

    3. sbbn


      ords apart. Carry on.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      "Dr. Format" regularly updates his Screenwriter's Bible. You could start there and deviate when applicable, a la Gilroy's brilliant NIGHTCRAWLER.

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