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  1. Need help: Can anyone tell me of a movie or tv episode scene where a judge has had to pass down a maximum sentence even when he or she didn't want to because that is what the law requires. Need some reference for a scene I'm writing.

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    2. Jaco


      The only recent movie I can think of that had mandatory minimum sentencing as part of the story was SNITCH - but I can't remember for the life of me whether the judge in that movie was reticent to pass down the sentence - might be worth a look. Maybe check out GUILT BY ASSOCIATION - another film that deals with mandatory minimum sentencing.

    3. jessefoxchaney


      co-sign the vote for 'dallas buyers club.' that judge's speech is a great example of exactly what you're talking about.

    4. sbbn


      I've seen a judge cry because he had to hand down a five day jail sentence (which realistically would require serving 2 days, if that). Funny stuff.

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