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  1. anyone recommend seeing the counselor?

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    2. Michael L

      Michael L

      I'd recommend. I liked. I'm still thinking about things a week later (in a good way). That said, I have some questions, and there were things I maybe wasn't loving, but not to the excoriating extent many in the press seem to have not been loving. Or the dude next to my table in the Thai restaurant. Who was not loving rather loudly.


    3. Corsairs


      Let me add my recommendation. McCarthy breaks all the screenwriting rules, but he can get away with it because he's Cormac McCarthy. He makes big blocks of dialogue crackle with life, where other writers would bring the show to a grinding halt. You'll be so engrossed in the interesting characters that you won't notice that they aren't doing much.

    4. Zmanx


      Yes. It is being crucified in the press but time will judge it much more graciously.

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