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  1. Question. Had the original iPad for four years. Going to be upgrading. Seems like the iPad mini is more portable and still great for reading. Thoughts?

    1. sbbn


      Everyone raves that it's great for reading screenplays BUT BUT BUT I would wait if I were you because rumor is they are coming out with iPad mini 2 later this year, significantly upgraded display and supposedly a hefty price cut. I'm going to pick up the iPad mini but I'm waiting until 2 comes out.

    2. Galleria.Pictures


      I love the larger screen of the original but then I use it for writing in the park ^_^

    3. nazardo


      Or you can wait for new iPad to come out to get current iPad for cheaper (refurbished). Either way might be good idea to wait for new models to hit. Mini too small for me but as sbbn says others love it.

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