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  1. Hey guys. Could use your help rewiring my thought process. I have always had this fear that if I don't watch alot of TV and Movies all the time, that I will get stale in writing. Yet when I get busy that means I have to allow for writing and watching. I think in these instances I should focus more on the writing, but then I fear my writing will suffer? Thoughts? Wisdom?

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    2. KeatonHelm


      Read a novel from the late 1800s.

    3. ddollar


      Only you can find the right balance between output and input, but I will say that when you do watch movies or TV, watch things you enjoy, and not necessarily things you think will make you a better writer or fit in your genre.

    4. adlocke


      i had to shut off the tv so i could get any writing done, but i only watched the news and not shows or movies, mostly. i think if you're watching tv from an analytical POV and not slipping into leisure than that's ok, but your dialogue won't suffer if you don't watch tv - just like mine, won't suffer because i only watch the news - you'll always remember language. as for working on storyline, well, stay out of the shade, meaning writing is hard work, much harder than w...

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