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  1. bitch list, anyone?

    1. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      Interesting... but if they weren't good enough to make Blood, Brit, Hit or Black... still, female protagonist with female support, diverse casting, all good stuff and I'd encourage it.

    2. Farmerboy


      That's a good point, Scott - though quite a few seem to be TV pilots - which might explain why they didn't make the other lists

  2. Has anyone else read The Incredible True Story of Jessica and Drew who...? I know it's easy to criticize, but oh man was the script lame - felt so dated and uninspired. What did you guys think of it?

    1. AliM


      Fantastically quirky title; Fantastically mundane script. Total letdown. Was expecting something funnier.

    2. StringerBell
  3. anybody here have any scripts in Spanish? Preferably by Almodovar?

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