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  1. you know it is a few days before the holiday at your job when the *ONLY* person you can hear breathing...IS YOU. :( *sigh* And I'm at work until 10:30pm tonight (watch me leave before then lol) I think I will be reading specs today and gearing up for writing in the ProSeries Screenwriting class I'm taking through ScreenwritingU. Yay! :)

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Read Dear Satan. It's fun :D

    2. sankofa


      i keep hearing it is. I'll have to read it when I have a moment! Thanks! :)

  2. What are good screenplays to read that have fight scenes? Besides the Bourne franchise, what are examples of movies with great action/fight scenes?

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Raiders of the Lost Ark, any Bond film. Martell's "Secret of Action Screenwriting" is a great instructional read!

    3. Elliott79


      Last Year in Marienbad.

    4. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Royce Reid And The Eye Of The Beholder... Best fight scenes out.

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  3. How is everyone? So, has MARROW been uploaded yet or no? And, Revenge films? any examples of good ones? Scripts and/or movies would be appreciated.

    1. sankofa


      TB: No I haven't. I will add that to the list! Looks like I have some scripts to read this weekend! :)

    2. chandolaswinter


      I thought it had an offer? Anyone know why it didn't sell?

    3. admin


      It does have an offer... 2 I believe actually. Negotiations are underway from what I hear.

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