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  1. Has anyone seen Broken City? How is it?

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    2. ThaVillain


      The group i was with said they liked it. It was a "shoulder shrug" like though. No one raved about it or even mentioned it over dinner/drinks afterwards.


      Me? I didn't really like it at all. And I'm a huge Hughes fan. It was just kind of... boring. No real thrills.

    3. aweinstock81


      Thought it was way too convoluted. The plot was way more complicated than it needed to be. Russell Crowe might as well have been twisting his evil mustache. Didn't buy his character at all.

    4. ThaVillain


      The plot was definitely convoluted. And as I was thinking about it later with my Screenwriter Cap on, the more I realized all the holes in it. Very disappointed with this one.

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