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  1. Is there a good website that features details of script sales, i.e. how much they sold for? Done Deal used to do this, but - after recently re-subscribing to them - AFAIK doesn't do this any more. Does itsonthegrid do this? Or any other website? Look forward to any info.

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    2. electroglodyte


      Interesting, and thank you very much for that info. I remember years ago Done Deal was full of that info. Would you mind explaining how that info being known directly affects the writer's future deals? Presumably the agent simply uses the client's previous deal as the "going rate" (at least that's what my agent does). Or is it more a matter of other writers saying "if this writer gets X, then I want that too"? An upwards spiral that producers would prefer to prevent?

    3. admin


      It has more to do with a going rate, and the fact that if that info is not widely known, they can adjust and up it as they see fit, as biz affairs people are much tighter with that info now than in previous years. Essentially, it's a lot of "hiding the money" on both sides, for two very different reasons.

    4. treyselman


      Mexican Standoff. Much like Venture Capitalists work when investing in new or emerging companies.

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