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  1. Is there a good website that features details of script sales, i.e. how much they sold for? Done Deal used to do this, but - after recently re-subscribing to them - AFAIK doesn't do this any more. Does itsonthegrid do this? Or any other website? Look forward to any info.

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    2. ddmulholland


      itsonthegrid.com is a great resource. rarely do they have dollar amounts though. they frequently link to trade articles which is helpful, as well as compile news about projects

    3. electroglodyte


      I may be interested in itsonthegrid down the line for OWAs, but re. deal info, I suppose when the time comes my agent will be able to get his hands on info as needed. He's London-based but has some good connections in LA as well.

    4. electroglodyte


      For now I was just curious myself what, for example, an average rate for a theatrically released romcom might be. Anybody have any ballpark educated guesses?

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