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  1. SWE is in need of interns! Below is the description: --- Scooty Woop Entertainment, a very busy boutique indie production & literary management company, that is currently in preproduction on a feature film, is seeking interns to start immediately. Candidates should be hard-working, self-motivated, detail oriented, easy-going & fun, & (ideally) interested in a career in production and/or management. Duties include basic office work (phones, scheduling, emails, filing etc.), script coverage, & project research. Interns will receive first hand exposure to the day-to-day operations of a growing production/management firm & will be encouraged to contribute creatively - this is a very hands-on & innovative team. This internship is unpaid but will count toward college credit. Offices are in Culver City. Please submit cover letter and resume to: [email protected] Here is a recent Variety Press Release on a project SWE is working on :: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118061521?refCatId=13#
  2. Happy Monday Everyone!

  3. Anyone have any PARENTHOOD Scripts or MODERN FAMILY scripts?

    1. kristenryans


      Looks like there are about 6 Modern Family scripts in here, just by doing a search. No such luck on Parenthood.

    2. danielelder


      Yeah, just found those, thanks. I want to get my hands on the PARENTHOOD scripts, should I call someone?


    3. nate_winslow


      Two right here, but that's all I could find.



  4. Reading a new fantasy adventure series, hope its great for an option!

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