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  1. I don't disagree with the Plummer/Spacey switcheroo, but goddamn! Sony is cold as ice! LOL, who even thought this sorta thing was possible so close to release??

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    2. benskelly2


      I thought it was Ridley Scott’s decision. And like I say, I get it. I just wouldn’t want to see it become a go-to thing at the first whiff of scandal. Can anyone remember this being done before with a finished film?

    3. drb000


      I think of one crazy one was when after the Aurora shooting at Batman, Gangster Squad had a set piece with a theater shooting, so they re-shot that. But I dunno if the film was complete. And this being 6 weeks before release, and with an awards contender - this is pretty crazy and probably unprecedented. How insane would it be if Plummer got an Oscar nom? I also wonder if Sony is gonna file an insurance claim for some of this

    4. David Fakrikian

      David Fakrikian

      In this era of DCPs, it's easy you can finish the film like 3 days before release.

  2. Did Fincher and/or Carnahan's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE projects ever make it to script stage?

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    2. sbbn


      Seems like now would be appropriate for this: ISO Carnahan's MI Script.


      To Cruise's credit, he is great at picking and developing scripts into successful films so if he had doubts, I'd imagine they probably weren't baseless.

    3. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      Want to see what Carnahan's Mission: Impossible 3 would've been like? Look at Smokin' Aces or The A-Team. Lots and lots of noise.

    4. Writer


      “And we had flat-out the two best mask reveals in the franchise history. Like those mask pulls dealt with major plot stuff. They weren’t just these cartoony things.” - Carnahan on his script.


      Lol, just makes me more curious about the damn thing. :'(

  3. In Toronto for a lil' bit. Any TB'ers gonna be at The Blacklist drinks meetup thing next Wednesday? Would be keen to catch-up over a beer!

    1. Mysterian


      Wrong side of Canada Muki, or i'd be down for a pint.


  4. So after THE INTERVIEW, I guess we aren't allowed to use North Korea in comedies anymore, huh?

    1. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      I'm tempted too, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure you'd get a repeat of Sony hacks, but N Korea are SORT OF friendly, supported by China, and China might now allow a movie featuring N Korea to be shown in their country. Your choice.

  5. Hrm, maybe I built up the project in my mind too much (Fincher/Keanu y u no do dis??), but the BURNT trailer seems a tad underwhelming:

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    2. Bobbylaw


      It's the tone.

      GREAT script but there was definitely a humor element in it that's clearly absent from the film...

      Looks like they've made it into a thriller/drama. Stupid move.

    3. flashsandstone


      Always great to see a long overdue screenplay get made, however this did not look good at all. Truly a shame.

    4. Writer


      @Bobbylaw, that's my feeling exactly. I always felt the tone of the script was about as "dark" as an Aaron Sorkin drama. The trailer seems to sell the movie as being way-too-serious.


      Might just be a trailer thing though. Will def still be giving this a watch.

  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/sky-captain-and-the-world-of-tomorrow/kerry-kevin-conran-what-happened/ -- Interesting read for anyone who was curious about what happened to Conran post-Sky Captain.
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    2. aphid47


      I personally enjoyed the hell out of Sky Captain. Thanks for posting this.


    3. Galleria.Pictures


      Really enjoyed this article. Thank you fotr sharing it Muki!

    4. Astral-American


      Yeah. Dope article. Thanks. Remember seeing it in the theater and later on DVD.

  7. Colin Trevorrow. Making power moves!

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    2. admin


      Really smart move for both! Biggest director + biggest franchise = no brainer!

    3. axalon


      But people will be watching Episode IX regardless of who directed it so why not go with someone with a bit more experience?

    4. aphid47


      Hopefully he doesn't have a hand in writing it

  8. Holy sh!t, the SENSE8 trailer looks hella decent!

    1. DarkDestroyer


      I agree. It looks really good. Looking forward to it.

  9. Goddamn, the Mission Impossible teaser looks nice!

    1. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      Trailer moments, guys. It's what every great script needs. Trailer moments (and an image you can put on the poster).

  10. Anyone here read Sense8? Haven't read it myself, but keen to know if it reads like it could be the Wachowski's 'comeback'?

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    2. aphid47


      I think there were several episodes posted, I'll check my hard drive later


    3. darthelvis


      I'd be interested in reading this too. I believe 3 episodes were originally posted?

    4. zkendall


      Posted in Exchange guys.

  11. IdeaForFree: 'Doctors tell man he has only 100 orgasms left until he loses the ability to have sex forever' -- http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/07/doctors-tell-man-he-only-has-100-orgasms-left-5053187/?ito=v-b -- LOL! Have at it, comedy squad! :D

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    2. adlocke


      he'll probably kill himself at the end of a rope

    3. jtthieme


      100 episodes mean it can be syn-dick-ated, right?

    4. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      ah, La petite mort...

    1. Jaco


      A little bit of crying wolf here by the writer in her post. Read the judge's decision. Her current predicament is more due to her own lawyers than anything else.

    2. Writer


      I suppose what I find most intriguing about her post is her detailing the timeline of events on the development of her film. Namely that Cuaron was attached to direct it back in the day.


      This definitely raises an eyebrow on his assertion that he 100% originally concocted the tale with his kid.

  12. Sure, it might be another “unnecessary remake”, but I could see a Fincher ‘Strangers on a Train’ turning out pretty freakin’ fantastic! Y’know, so long as he isn’t planning to Van Sant it.

    1. aphid47


      It's Strangers On a Plane


    2. benskelly2


      We Trust In Fincher

    3. joe_gillis


      It's not the only Hitchcock movie with this problem but definitely the worst for it...why doesn't he just go to the police?

  13. - 'Danny Collins' trailer. Awesome, looks like Fogelman stuck pretty closely to his script. Is it too early to call Dan Fogelman the new Cameron Crowe?
    1. sbbn


      Wasn't this script originally called Imagine? That was a better title. Great script, though!

    2. mebishop2001


      I'm sure it's a rights issue (cost issue).

    3. andrewpwoodberry


      They use a John Lennon song in the trailer. It's a Jack Reacher-esque marketing clusterf.

  14. Great tip that a journalist just shared with the office, that I think is relevant to all screenwriters too: "Always write with the confidence that you can tell that particular story better than anyone else on the planet".

    1. DeadPool


      Damn Good Advice!

    2. DonKasparoza
    3. craktactor


      Depends on what planet we're speaking of.

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed Interstellar. And I'm seriously not trying to be Mr. Hipster 'The Original Draft Was Better Than The Movie' Writer Guy, but... I really think that Jonathan Nolan's original draft is the better movie. Felt like Jonathan's Act 2/Act 3 adventure and reveals were a lot stronger than his brothers.

    1. axalon






      I thought the idea in the original draft with the probe at the beginning and Cooper sending it back to himself at the end was a lot stronger than the tetrahedron idea which was great in its own right but probably could have been its own movie.

    2. DonKasparoza


      I agree, with both of you. Just commented on this in the File Exchange thread. I like the idea of the probe and the Chinese better. At the same time I like it better without the creatures. I enjoyed the movie. I feel it could have been even greater, but it's great regardless. Theater clapped at the end-- always a good sign. Except that time I went to see Godzilla in the 90s. People clapped at the end of that, too.

  16. http://bit.ly/1qlK9qB - Britain's plan post-nuke attacks = Put psychopaths in charge. Cool premise for anyone looking for a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic concept. 'Equilibrium' meets, um, I dunno, 'American Psycho' maybe?
  17. Cabin Fever "remake" to simply be a reshoot of original flick's script. Today the universe decided it would be fun to make screenwriters' heads explode.

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    2. DonKasparoza


      Is this what passes for a "tentpole" nowadays?

    3. dnluu81


      I'm actually interested to see where the new director takes it

    4. Zoned


      Long as it isn't the modern equivalent of a shot-for-shot "Psycho" remake... ok. Who knows? Maybe, even add in the reflection of a Chinese ghost child from the water outside the cabin, and it can increase it's international box office take, too.)

  18. Continents merge and shift, civilizations rise and fall, Robin Hood and Peter Pan projects will never not find a home. Apparently. =P

    1. admin


      Just a few months ago the sheer number of reps saying to leave any Pan, or Robin Hood projects to die are now calling their clients back up to say - "Hey, remember that project you mentioned over the summer"

  19. Netflix stepping into the feature film game in a very exciting way. Love it!

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    2. mebishop2001


      Yeah, definitely can't be bloated $80M Sandler comedies like GROWN-UPS.

    3. richardonthego


      I find this crazy, ballsy, and kind of impressive.

    4. vincenzo


      I was surprised by the backlash on Twitter to this deal. More buyers is always a good thing!


  20. Just curious, but what do you dudes with day-jobs do?

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    2. Galleria.Pictures


      Cool, I work in sales for a non-theatrical distributor.

    3. JessicaMayo
    4. aphid47
  21. Swearing in titles is so played out and corny that it's looped round and become hip again........ right?

  22. Whoa, Steven Knight's 'Chef' script is being shot?! AWESOME!

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    2. Writer


      The pairing of Fincher & Keanu Reeves that was rumoured when I first heard about the project years ago is def. one of my Top 10 "if onlys".

    3. palostick


      In my top three.

    4. chandolaswinter


      Did that used to known as the Untitled Chef Project script? If that's the same one, I loved it!!

  23. Rian Johnson to write/direct both final films in the new Star Wars trilogy. Am a fan of Johnson, but wish they used the approach of a different director for each film. Or allowed one director to do the entire trilogy. Lucasart’s approach seems so... unsymmetrical :P

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    2. nazardo


      It's never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket (unless you're James Cameron).

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      I'm excited about the nuanced direction Rian can bring.

    4. aphid47


      I'm excited about the Breaking Bad cameos

  24. WHITE GOD's log line is totally not what I expected. A little disappointed. =/

    1. Bobbylaw


      What IS the logline?

    2. Writer


      The TB newsletter made it sound like it was about a lost dog trying to find its way back to its owner or something.


      Either way, not the hilarious South Park-esque racial satire I envisioned when I saw the title. :(

    3. Icarus


      Was I the only one reminded of BLACK GOD WHITE DEVIL, the landmark Brazilian film?

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