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  1. Best soundtracks for writing action adventure?

  2. Know someone working on The Man in the High Castle pilot, some funny stories coming from set ;)

  3. Very excited! Looks like I have a literary agent for my kid lit book!

  4. Sick today. watching Gremlins, Goonies and Monster Squad.

  5. Just curious, but what do you dudes with day-jobs do?

  6. I can barley stomach giving broadcast TV a chance these days. 98 Percent of it is just ridiculous.

  7. long time no see guys. quick question for a friend, does anyone know what the minimum amount of votes needed for the young and hungry list is, and also when the list comes out?

  8. Man, Cockeyed Caravan's blogspot is amazing....

  9. Excited! My horror-thriller just made it to the top 10 at Austin and top 25 at Page in its category. Hope to see some of you in Austin.

  10. What's the membership code for the Launch Pad comp?

  11. What's the membership code for the Launch Pad comp?

  12. God Bless Robin Williams.

  13. story endings with protagonists walking away from camera, resuming an argument or banter or repartee? It seems like a convention (like riding off into sunset), yet I'm stuck for examples.

  14. Free logline idea - THE SLIP-UP - A career criminal who fakes workers comp slip-and-fall injuries finds himself at the mercy of his new apartment complex neighbor, a 12-year-old kid who catches him faking and starts blackmailing him to keep quiet.

  15. Am I the only one who needs to print something off in order to read it properly?

  16. Friday night I finally get to meet a bunch of you people. WOOO!

  17. Quick Q: Your favorite movie of all time? P&T

  18. Books that you *cannot* believe were either never turned into films or never optioned to begin with. Go.

  19. Where has everyone gone??? The chat room has been so quiet the past few days!

  20. Thoughts on romantic comedies...good idea to write or don't waste my time?

  21. Rian Johnson to write/direct both final films in the new Star Wars trilogy. Am a fan of Johnson, but wish they used the approach of a different director for each film. Or allowed one director to do the entire trilogy. Lucasart’s approach seems so... unsymmetrical :P

  22. At this rate, there will be around 70 specs sold this year.- From BL: "Sony Pictures Entertainment acquires science fiction spec script “Leviathan” written by Cole Haddon. Haddon is repped by WME and Anonymous Content. By my count, this is the 30th spec script sale of 2014. There were 53 spec script sales year-to-date in 2013."

  23. Who's reading what? Latest round of WTF should I be reading in my downtime? Looking for new(er) material. 2013/2014. Any recommendations?

  24. Anyone attend the staged reading of “1969: A Space Odyssey?” Curious if it was true to the script that was uploaded, which I found to be a bit dense.

  25. If you ever need a good lesson on dialogue, go to a coffee shop/McDonalds in a small town and just listen to how the old folks gossip.

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