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  1. Has anyone read the Alcatraz pilot script? If so was it good?

  2. Thank God NBC cancelled The Paul Reiser Show, that was some of the worst shit I've ever seen.

  3. Nice to see that we may get two Kaufman projects up and running. Love that guy.

  4. Anyone planning on going to AFF Conference? Thinking of going, but may be sans friends or wife this year. Would love to get together with other TB members for a drink.

  5. Sent a couple of scripts to AFF ... now time to get working on the next.

  6. is getting ready for AFF!

  7. What are the best competitions for original television pilots besides AFF?

  8. Jesus what a crappy film, it should have been called Live Free or Die Flaccid

  9. Have been having a blast in Austin, and met some great people.

  10. Met and had an awesome conversation with Al Swearengen's right had man Dan Dougherty at AFF.

  11. I had no idea that The Page contest took television pilots ... good to know for next time.

  12. Looking forward to seeing Super 8 this weekend. First movie in awhile that even my wife is itching to see.

  13. spending the next few days cranking through a rewrite

  14. My It's Always Sunny spec I sent to the Nick Writing Fellowship is in the Works in Progress area if anyone wants to give me a critique. Thanks in advance.

  15. Who do I have to bribe to get my hands on the Hobgoblin pilot.

  16. Breaking Bad gets better and better! It reminds me of The Shield when it was nearing its end, only this may be building to an even greater ending.

  17. Finally back to my script. Been working doubles for 3 weeks, feels good to dig back into it. I get antsy and anxious when I haven't written in awhile.

  18. Just saw A Field In England. What a gorgeously shot, mind fuck of a film.

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