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  1. Just watched The Sixth Sense for the first time today while home with the flu.

    1. mebishop2001


      I always thought they should make a spoof movie called TWIST ENDING. Where like SCARY MOVIE, it incorporates other movies' plots and makes fun of them. They could have the "he's a ghost" from SIXTH SENSE, "he's imaginary" from FIGHT CLUB, "he's a she" from THE CRYING GAME, etc. And the ending is the whole movie is a dream or something.

    2. mebishop2001


      That's "she's a he" from CRYING GAME.

    3. DonKasparoza


      Sounds like something Kim Jong Dick would like. Better put the Wayans Brothers on it.

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  2. Know someone working on The Man in the High Castle pilot, some funny stories coming from set ;)

    1. Nic8767


      Tell us more! :)

    2. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      ^ Yes, please. Huge fan of PKD, read the book not too long back.

    3. aphid47


      Mostly funny about what an asshole the director is ;)

  3. Looking for someone to give me feedback for an hour long pilot I wrote with a partner. Don't want to put it in the WIP yet, but need an outside opinion.

    1. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Don't mind giving it a read, man. PM me. :)

    2. aphid47


      Thanks guys


    3. macaggiano


      Happy to give it a look too.

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  4. Looking forward to seeing Super 8 this weekend. First movie in awhile that even my wife is itching to see.

  5. Loved Darabonts script for "The Walking Dead" unfortunately the trailer makes the show look terrible.

    1. mikeyP_73


      Have you seen the behind the scenes stuff? I thought the trailer was cool... what didn't you like?

    2. aphid47


      Visually it looked a little campy, which is not how it read on the page. I will give it a chance, but the script was so amazing, and the visuals did not match the grittiness that I felt reading it.

  6. Maybe I'm the only one, but my dad wanted to see Jurassic World, and holy shit what a horrible hodge lodge of cliche and stereotype. I guess story takes a far back seat to CGI. Even the comedic moments of levity fell flat. In short I thought it sucked big time, and I guess I just don't understand the appeal.

    1. aphid47


      It's supposed to say hodge podge but autocorrect was being a moron.


    2. 36monsters


      I'm with you. I grew up on the original and this one was just so...disjointed! There were literally 3 different stories going on at any one time and none of them really wrapped up well. And as for the "love story?" I felt Chris was more connected with his raptor "Blue " than the girl. Ugh.


  7. Merry Christmas you filthy animals

    1. laurenstotts


      A toast to my big brother, George — the richest man in town. Merry Christmas to you too.

    2. Nic8767


      Merry Christmas, Jiblings!


    3. Nic.Lishko


      Merry Christmas!

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  8. Met and had an awesome conversation with Al Swearengen's right had man Dan Dougherty at AFF.

  9. My It's Always Sunny spec I sent to the Nick Writing Fellowship is in the Works in Progress area if anyone wants to give me a critique. Thanks in advance.

  10. My sister got the job on Twin Peaks! It's a dream job for her, since we've been huge David Lynch fans since we were young.

    1. Reader George
    2. mister_7


      See if she can get a lock of his hair!

    3. GlitterKitty


      YAY! It's awesome how proud you are of her. (And who can blame you!)

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  11. My sister just got a call back from Twin Peaks to work as 2nd set custumer. Fingers crossed she gets the gig. She finds out next week.

    1. aphid47


      I believe a lot of the exteriors are shot in snoqualmie Washington

    2. agkinowerken


      Audrey Horne... best dressed woman on TV.... ever.

    3. Preminger


      Twin Peaks is coming back? Oh my god...that would be so exciting...

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  12. My wife and I started a podcast about the Criterion Collection. There's a post in the Works In Progress section if you're interested.

  13. Never underestimate the power of Mikes Maples!

    1. aphid47


      The syrup of the story industry

  14. New laptop, new lease on life. Waited way too long for an upgrade.

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    2. adlocke


      i switched to mac, too, because i couldn't respect a windows MACHINE! i would max out the cpu and burn up the hard drive mixing up. and no background virus programs, don't go too far from thinking you need something you don't need windows ppl!

    3. StringerBell


      I'm one of the lucky ones. Never had a virus and very rarely have had a problem with a Windows machine in all of my years using them. Any issue I've ever had I've been able to solve by googling the problem and running a fix. Windows is intuitive to me and I simply could not understand the Mac OS. Old dog, new tricks, I guess. I did like the form factor of the Macbook Pro, but it was pretty heavy. Lots of good lightweight Windows options out now and more on their way shortly.

    4. aphid47


      Hmmm, this thing is light as air.

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  15. Nice to see that we may get two Kaufman projects up and running. Love that guy.

  16. Not sure if anyone has been reading the independent comic Echoes, but it would make one hell of a movie. Check it out if you haven't already. Here is the link to their website http://www.echoesthecomic.com/ and here is a link to see the first to issues free online http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/echoescomic/2011/echoes-cover/

    1. admin


      Damn, this is good.

    2. aphid47


      There are 4 of the 5 issues out already, and they seriously get better each issue. I would be shocked if this doesn't become a movie someday.

    3. aphid47


      Just started reading an earlier work the writer did called "Tumor". Pretty damn good so far.

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  17. Oh Fox, at least you could have aired Heiroglyph out of order before canceling it.

    1. axalon


      Yeah what was up with canceling it before it even aired?

    2. Nic.Lishko


      Such garbage. It was a fun read.

    3. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Same thing happened to The Vatican. Really unfortunate.

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  18. Psychos via Steven Soderbergh http://extension765.com/sdr/15-psychos

    1. sankofa


      the level of weird and unrestrained brilliance here is amazing. I feel like this is a rabbit hole I totally want to fall in and never get back out of. Same way I feel about David Lynch, only I would WANT to get out of his rabbit hole..because I'd be afraid I'd take a wrong step, trip and fall down stairs and be trapped there forever by Killer Bob and -- I miss Twin Peaks. That's all. I miss Twin Peaks :)

    2. aphid47
    3. specwriter


      Cool site. This is basically Soderbergh's personal film art blog. Hope he keeps it up.

  19. Reading "The Irishman" right now

  20. Second pilot just submitted to Launch Pad just in the nick of time.

    1. Nic.Lishko



    2. Jaco


      Get some, go large! Hope this works for you!

    3. aphid47


      Thanks guys, good luck to everyone that submitted.

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  21. Sent a couple of scripts to AFF ... now time to get working on the next.

  22. Snuck in my pilot just before the launch pad deadline.

    1. aphid47


      Thanks everyone! Good luck to all.

    2. agkinowerken


      Looks like they just extended to June 15. Got my hat in the ring back in April. Best o'luck fellow Barton Finkers!

    3. admin


      Chatted with TB guys this morning. Guess the site crashed Sunday and today on and off and a bunch of people couldn't enter, so once they got the site back up, they kept pilots there and features.

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  23. spending the next few days cranking through a rewrite

  24. stupidly watched Dinner with Schmucks last night . . . so painful.

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Almost as bad as "Funny People"... Beard Man killed as usual tho...

  25. Taxes done = brain fried. 3 schedule C's and a lot of vodka later ...

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