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  1. Hey thanks for the read. I think you're right about the beginning of my pilot, I need a kick to start things off, something to add a little curiosity and tension to what should be the cold open.

    All my best,


  2. I know this video is about advertising, but how is this any different than our industry?

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    2. aphid47


      unless you're writing their idea for them for free

    3. Manny


      I saw this earlier this week and thought the same thing in how it compares to this industry. It's not exactly the same but there are similarities. Like creating a story all on your own then having to sell all it's rights if you want to get a movie made.

    4. adlocke


      yeah, personally i wouldn't do that, jibs. now if i'm a whiz and i can bang it out in four days, it wouldn't phase me though.

  3. 48fps is not the way of the future by any means, unless you like Charlie Chaplin's speedy exaggerated motion.

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    2. specwriter


      There was one shot which looked 2D, and that was the first shot of Rivendell, when they were all looking at it from a distance. It looked exactly like they were standing in front of a 2D painted backdrop. Not sure why that one shot was so bad.

    3. aphid47


      Yes, I've been stranded on the dark side since the 60's. I haven't seen any other 3D movies, because A) I'm not really into blockbuster explosion film bullshit and B) It's a gimmick I think has been added to most films as an after thought. I wanted to experience the film as Peter Jackson intended, and it looked rubbish from beginning to end. The so called advance was a waste of time. I know I'm not the only one who saw the play x2 motion during the film. I've...

    4. aphid47


      run out of space


  4. Am I alone in being bored to fucking tears by The Walking Dead?

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    2. electroglodyte


      It's slow all right. I described it to a friend and mentioned how it was a little very closely inspired by other zombie ventures (e.g. the hospital opening of 28DLater), and he asked me what made it unique.


      Well, nothing.


      But I still kinda like it. Slow-moving, for sure. But some good character stuff.

    3. admin


      HUGE fan of the comic series. TV series started great, got REALLY slow for a few episodes, and started picking up steam again the last few eps, going into Sundays finale. Also, I was very pleased to see the finale is kicking off an arc not previously in the comic series, so it's fresh for everyone!

    4. Penelope


      Hate this show. I'm with you jib! Won't be watching Season Two.

  5. Anyone else read the Locke and Key pilot? I am a huge fan of the graphic novel, and I have to say, though it was different, I still loved it. I just hope they don't screw the damn thing up.

    1. TheTypeBMBA


      I am not a comic book/graphic novel guy, but I thought the pilot was brilliant. Really looking forward to seeing it on-screen.

  6. Anyone know of a few reputable pilot script contests? Looking for something that gives good exposure.

    1. mikeyP_73


      You'll have to wait for Austin - but they're great. Here's a list w/ feedback from Moviebytes -> http://moviebytes.com/directory.cfm

    2. typistolero


      Austin seconded.

  7. Anyone planning on going to AFF Conference? Thinking of going, but may be sans friends or wife this year. Would love to get together with other TB members for a drink.

  8. Breaking Bad gets better and better! It reminds me of The Shield when it was nearing its end, only this may be building to an even greater ending.

  9. Dammit! Ted is a God when it comes to putting television scripts up for the masses. Thank you sir!

    1. ted


      No problem. Share and share alike.

    2. ddollar
  10. Damn, Breaking Bad was amazing!

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    2. Elliott79


      I see what you mean, but actually disagree. Felt like the end of Act 2. Final act; Walt (who has a massive ego and is pretty ruthless) completes his transformation into Heisenberg, Hank catches him. Hank was was never after Gus, Hank wants Heisenberg.

    3. Elliott79


      Walt can't walk away without paying the consequences of his actions.

    4. benjaminthomasyip


      Agreed with Elliot79. There's still much more to be wrapped up and there's no way the series will end with Walt getting away scot-free for everything he's done.

  11. Dear Launch Pad Pilot Competition ... I am in you.

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    2. twofingeredtypist
    3. Nic8767


      Good luck, Jiblings!

    4. craktactor


      Contemplating. Good luck to all who have joined the fray. I may join you, hence the first word.

  12. Did anyone else see Salinger?

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    2. specwriter


      I was surprised to see it on Netflix, if that is indeed the same doc, as it just came out in theaters recently, right? Anyway, it's all about the Morton Downey, Jr. docu, guys, that's the shizzle. :-0

    3. aphid47


      Yeah, same salinger on netflix that was in theaters, that ending with titles of new books seemed so convoluted it torpedoed what would have been a so so film.

    4. mister_7


      Watched it on Netflix last night and am feeling pretty meh. While the information was excellent, the delivery was oh so breathy and over the top. Felt like it was a long episode of TMZ actually. Started playing suduko midway through, just listening instead of watching, and I think that actually improved the film.

  13. enjoying the hell out of the Boardwalk Empire pilot

    1. tbblue


      Steve Buscemi is so badass in it!

    2. aphid47


      He is perfect for that part.

    3. vbn2019


      Yeah. It's a damn good show

  14. Finally back to my script. Been working doubles for 3 weeks, feels good to dig back into it. I get antsy and anxious when I haven't written in awhile.

  15. Great chat everyone! The TB writers group is off to a great start.

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    2. Mysterian


      my comments were few and far between... sorry. At work.

    3. sankofa


      damn! i just got *done* getting out of the sudden onslaught of work that just landed on my desk after i got back from lunch. boo! next time definitely!


    4. reecejones


      Hey guys - I missed this one, how do I get in on the next?

  16. Guys and Gals, there is another TB writers group meet and greet on chat today at 2pm central time. Stop by and and say hello.

    1. sankofa
    2. magsnow


      Where does the chat take place? Is it on Google or here on the TB?

    3. Mysterian


      Here on the chat in TB

  17. Had a blast in Austin, feels good to sleep in my own bed again.

    1. admin


      See anything good? Bad?

    2. aphid47


      Black Swan was fantastic, Bloodworth was ok, got to watch 12 Monkees with David and Janet Peoples with a Q and A afterwards. Hit more conferences than films actually.

  18. Has anyone read the Alcatraz pilot script? If so was it good?

  19. Have been having a blast in Austin, and met some great people.

  20. Hey everyone, I posted a one hour pilot I've been working on in the file exchange it's called Interplay. Logline is in the post. Would love any and all feedback. PM me if you like.

  21. Hey TB Chat, I miss you. Just started training for a new job, so two weeks of doubles give me little time for anything but sleep and work (plus some writing when I can sneak it in). Hope to see you in a couple of weeks ...

    1. Mike


      You are sorely missed. Good luck with the new gig.

    2. aphid47


      Thanks Mike!

  22. Holy crap! The writers of Breaking Bad are working on the highest level of storytelling I've seen on television this side of the final season of The Shield.

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Brilliant story craft!

    3. specwriter


      Five episodes left? Anyone know for sure?

    4. aphid47


      The confession video was a huge mind fuck. Walt has Hank in such a shitty position, that he's screwed no matter what he does.

  23. How come no one uses the blog feature on here? Discuss ...

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    2. aphid47


      I just think it's interesting that the feature is here and no one uses it :)

    3. Galleria.Pictures


      Too busy listening to Daft Punk

    4. axalon


      Dustin, I wish more people shared your thought process before they started blogs

  24. How in the hell is Running Wilde not cancelled yet?

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    2. aphid47


      Don't get me wrong, loved AD, but this premise was interesting for exactly 3 episodes before it became fairly to mostly lame, and I didn't care anymore.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      Dang.....you're correct......

    4. tbblue


      Breaks my heart it got cancelled.

  25. I enjoyed Captain Phillip even though I knew the ending already.

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    2. ddollar


      Captain Phillips stays out the storm in his boat and becomes the millionaire co-founder of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Corporation.

    3. Michael L

      Michael L

      Yeah, but to its credit it's left ambiguous. You can't rule out that he's not a droid.

    4. aphid47


      I thought he was assassinated after pushing a remarkable bill through congress.

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