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  1. Did anyone else see Salinger?

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    2. Coz


      Not what I meant. In part, Salinger had a large female audience, particularly because of the back cover (which was unheard of). He was deeply interested in younger women, which could have easily been more explored, but the film chose a far different route. Also: why the recreations that serve little purpose? It felt very exploitive.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      I was disappointed, but I have a broadcast journalism background so I watch docs with a particularly critical eye. Of course it's a great topic, but the doc was a bit indulgent, which made it seem lengthy. Not a lot of insight per capita, but, yes, revealing to some degree. I thought it was poorly edited, frankly.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      In contrast, I offer "The Art of the Steal" as a great example of quality documentary filmmaking.


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