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  1. Did anyone else see Salinger?

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    2. specwriter


      I was surprised to see it on Netflix, if that is indeed the same doc, as it just came out in theaters recently, right? Anyway, it's all about the Morton Downey, Jr. docu, guys, that's the shizzle. :-0

    3. aphid47


      Yeah, same salinger on netflix that was in theaters, that ending with titles of new books seemed so convoluted it torpedoed what would have been a so so film.

    4. mister_7


      Watched it on Netflix last night and am feeling pretty meh. While the information was excellent, the delivery was oh so breathy and over the top. Felt like it was a long episode of TMZ actually. Started playing suduko midway through, just listening instead of watching, and I think that actually improved the film.

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