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  1. Am I alone in being bored to fucking tears by The Walking Dead?

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    2. electroglodyte


      It's slow all right. I described it to a friend and mentioned how it was a little very closely inspired by other zombie ventures (e.g. the hospital opening of 28DLater), and he asked me what made it unique.


      Well, nothing.


      But I still kinda like it. Slow-moving, for sure. But some good character stuff.

    3. admin


      HUGE fan of the comic series. TV series started great, got REALLY slow for a few episodes, and started picking up steam again the last few eps, going into Sundays finale. Also, I was very pleased to see the finale is kicking off an arc not previously in the comic series, so it's fresh for everyone!

    4. Penelope


      Hate this show. I'm with you jib! Won't be watching Season Two.

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