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  1. 48fps is not the way of the future by any means, unless you like Charlie Chaplin's speedy exaggerated motion.

    1. specwriter


      I thought The Hobbit in HFR was incredible. Best use of 3D I've ever seen, and an amazing experience to see an all new sub-medium of film. It's new, and it should only be used for certain films, but it's amazing to look at, IMHO. Hats off to Jackson and WETA.

    2. dietgreentea


      I find any complaints about 48fps to be sad, frankly...

    3. Nic.Lishko


      Saw it in "normal." If you like Fantasy movies and LOTR, you'll love it. If not, well, I heard people angrily yawning 2 hours in.

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